September 19, 2011 Massapequa Park, New York The Chris Carrino Foundation for FSHD announced the extension of a scientific research project directed towards understanding the genetic basis of variable severity in FSHD (Facioscapulohumeral Muscular Dystrophy). The study, entitled, "Uncovering the Genetic Basis of Variable Severity in FSHD"...

By GINA KOLATA Published: August 19, 2010
The human genome is riddled with dead genes, fossils of a sort, dating back hundreds of thousands of years the genome's equivalent of an attic full of broken and useless junk.
Some of those genes, surprised geneticists reported Thursday, can rise from the dead like zombies, waking up to cause one of the most common forms of muscular dystrophy. This is the first time, geneticists say, that they have seen a dead gene come back to life and cause a disease.

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