FOUNDATION NEWS: Casino Night Raises Funds In Support Of Local Family


October 13, 2016

The Chris Carrino Foundation for FSHD hosted its first annual Casino Night at Mercedes Benz of Massapequa on Saturday, Oct. 8 from 8 p.m. to midnight. The night was filled with games, dancing, special singing performances, silent auction and fundraising. The 200 plus attendees came from near and far to support a local Massapequa family in their efforts to find a cure for FSHD, raising more $20,000 in just one evening.casino_night

Facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy (FSHD) is a genetic muscle disorder inwhich themuscles of the face, shoulder blades and upper arms are among the most severely affected, and currently there is no cure. It affects approximately 1 in 20,000, estimating the incidence at about 25,000 Americans. Of those 25,000 is the Burrows Family of Massapequa Park, who has been fighting this disease for multiple generations, joining forces with the Chris Carrino Foundation to host events and fundraise in the hopes of one day finding a cure.

“The impact we were able to make at Casino Night was beyond anything we could have imagined,” explained Jimmy Burrows, who was diagnosed in 2010 when he was a freshman at the University of Delaware. “It was all made possible by the amazing people at Mercedes Benz of Massapequa.”

Mercedes Benz of Massapequa, under new ownership as of March 2015, volunteered to host this event in a joint effort to raise awareness and funds, keeping the event local for the Burrows’ network of incredibly supportive family and friends to attend. The dealership was flawlessly transformed from showroom to dance hall and casino venue with the help of many volunteers.

“At Mercedes Benz of Massapequa we believe in giving back to our community in any way that we can,” said Ty Klipstein, GM and Partner at Mercedes Benz of Massapequa. “When we were asked to join forces with the Chris Carrino Foundation and Burrows family for this event, it was an easy decision.”

The Chris Carrino Foundation for FSHD is a 501c3 nonp rofit organization dedicated to the effort of eradicating the life-altering effects of Facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy (FSHD). The volunteer organization provides funding to research scientists in the hope that stimulating scientific research in the field of FSHD will lead to an effective treatment and eventually a cure.

Article originally appeared in the Massapequa Observer

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