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As the C2C4FSHD Team prepares to make its triumphant return to Brooklyn after a grueling 4,200 mile, 54 day

journey across the United States, the Chris Carrino Foundation for FSHD would like to extend an invitation to

everyone to join us as we celebrate the team’s arrival at the Barclays Center on Wednesday, July 19 th at

2:00 p.m.

There are two exciting, free opportunities to be a part of this very special day. The first is by joining the team

at the Manhattan side of the Brooklyn Bridge (near City Hall) and bicycling over the bridge and helping to

“break the tape” after a short, 3 mile ride to the Barclays Center promenade. All you need to do is bring a bike

and a helmet and you are welcome to ride with the team! The second is by simply joining us at the Barclays

Center and cheering for the team as they complete the final few miles of their 4,200 mile odyssey. Once at

the Barclays Center (near the Flatbush Avenue/Atlantic Avenue subway entrance), the celebration continues

with a huge party, complete with food, beverages and entertainment.

Here is the projected event schedule (which is subject to change, please check for complete details)) for Wednesday, July 19 th :

  • 2:00 p.m. – Gates will open for all event guests at the Barclays Center Promenade. Food and refreshments will

be available.

  • 2:30 – 3:00 p.m. – Meet the Core Team at the Manhattan side of Brooklyn Bridge bike path at City Hall Plaza.

This will be the launch point across the Brooklyn Bridge bike path for all those interested in joining the team

for the final 3 mile ride to the Barclays Center. There will be a complete police escort to ensure the safety of

all riders from any traffic.

  • 3:30 p.m. – Team begins ride across the Brooklyn Bridge.
  • 3:45 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. – Team arrival at the Barclays Center. The welcome home party will last until at least
  • 6:00 p.m. – Food, beverages and entertainment will continue to be served for all to enjoy.

Please remember that while all of these events are free and open to everyone to share in this wonderful

celebration, we encourage you to RSVP to Daniel Ferrity @ (917) 836-2022 or Kristin Healy-Haufmann at

(347) 723-8281 by Tuesday, July 18 th .

In addition, we would appreciate your consideration to help us support the C2C4FSHD’s team’s efforts and

assist the foundation in its fund-raising efforts to help fight and find a cure for FSHD by making a donation.

Simply Text C2C to 71-777 or visit the foundation’s website at No donation

is too large or small and every dollar counts!

On behalf of the C2C4FSHD Team, we thank you for your continued support and look forward to seeing you at

either the Brooklyn Bridge or the Barclays Center on Wednesday, July 19 th.

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First, let me begin by apologizing for not providing everyone with a blog for over a week.  Two things that I never like to admit are that I’m tired or are in pain, but the sheer fatigue from the mileage coupled with an excruciating toothache (I guess a steady diet of Dew and donuts are finally catching up with me) have slowed me down a bit over the past week. Fortunately, Beth, Leigh and Dr. Soledad came to the rescue in Denver (a huge shout-out to all of you) and I am back on the mend and ready to write!!!

We have experienced some truly amazing and wonderful sights and sounds (not to mention smells) and have had the good fortune to meet some absolutely terrific people, who have kept us going through some extremely challenging days on the road.  I also continue to marvel at our team – we’ve had our share of ups and downs (literally and figuratively), but as we inch past the halfway mark of this spectacularly thrilling and awe-inspiring journey, they have never, ever complained (at least not within earshot…lol).  While I certainly know what is motivating me to keep pedaling, I’m confident that our reasons for constantly pushing through any conditions that mother nature can throw at us are the same – to somehow, some way make a difference and help find a cure for this horrible affliction and while we may not be raising as much money as we anticipated to this point in the trip, we certainly know that we are making a huge difference from an awareness standpoint and that in some small way we are inspiring the families, researchers and doctors to continue battling FSHD the way we are battling to fight through every mile on our way home to Brooklyn.  While we’re still a long way from the Barclays Center (25 days and 2,000 miles) and have many obstacles that remain unseen to overcome, I know in my heart that we will continue to pedal as best as we can and do whatever is necessary to achieve our goal.

Speaking of obstacles both “seen and unseen” while we continue to make our way across this beautiful country of ours, it never ceases to amaze me how each and every day can provide such a wide range of conditions, emotions and reactions that need to be overcome.  While the sheer magnitude of what we’re trying to accomplish is daunting and challenging enough, sometimes you need to step back and take a look at simply tackling one day at a time.  I constantly have Chris Carrino’s words in my head from what he told the team just prior to our departure from Seattle – just as he focuses on getting to each destination one step at a time, we simply need to conquer one mile (or in the case of the Cascades, Sierra Nevadas or the Rockies, one mountain at a time) at a time.  And it has certainly worked!!!  While I will share the details of the most gratifying moment of the trip from a team standpoint shortly – conquering 8 miles and nearly 12,000 feet of Loveland Pass (the agony of climbing at 8 mph with your legs and lungs screaming, followed by the sheer ecstasy of descending at 45 mph while holding on to your wheels for dear life with 18 wheelers and the wind whipping and whizzing past you) – but now that the thrill of the Rockies are behind us, the past 2 days on the road have been quite noteworthy and are deserving of some reflection.  We have endured being incessantly battered and blasted by the wind in Colorado (followed by a hearty meal of Beefaroni and frozen Burritos in a one stoplight town) one day to a blissfully beautiful day cruising through the corn and wheat fields of Nebraska (ending with a great steak dinner and comfortable bed at the Horse Creek Inn).  The contrasts continue from one day to the next….what will today bring (aside from a 150 mile trek into Kansas as we attempt to reach the town of Hays) ???  Can we make it???  Stay tuned to find out….

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Well, in case you were wondering, we did indeed survive Nevada (and our arrival into Utah), but not before enduring a few additional challenges.  As if facing two additional centuries wasn’t difficult enough, the stark contrasts of the terrain and the weather continued as we battled our way to the border.  Bolstered by an amazing breakfast of pancakes and eggs from Michelle (she certainly spoiled the team with her terrific cooking), we departed Elko energized and refreshed….and quickly caught 2 flats within the first 15 miles of our journey (Danny and Mariusz).  Fortunately, Jimmy and Tom picked up 10 extra tubes from Walmart (which certainly does carry everything) and were able to rush back to the scene and rescue both of them.  It was almost as if Nevada was telling us that it wasn’t going to let us go without one last fight.  Our trek to the tiny town of Wells was fairly uneventful, but things quickly changed as the sun broke through the clouds and the action on the road heated up in a hurry.  As the temperature climbed into the low 80’s, so did the elevation, as we started our long, arduous ascent to the top of Pequot Pass (but not before a hair-raising trek through a tight tunnel along I-80 with some semis bearing down on us).  We agonizingly reached the summit of nearly 7,000 feet (c’mon Nevada, you could have given us credit for a measly 33 extra feet), we enjoyed a stunning (and fast) 6 mile descent into the valley floor.  However, once at the bottom, while we knew that another challenging climb loomed ahead, we took our final break on the road with 18 miles to spare on a 127 mile day fantasizing about arriving before dark (knowing that we were crossing into the Mountain Time Zone) into the brightly lit, casino-laden town of West Wendover (with the hopes of Tom being able to finally strike gold).

It was here that Nevada battled us once again.

As we steadily climbed yet again, we were hit with the dreaded cross winds that plagued us a few days earlier outside of Fallon on Route 95.  Only this time, they battled us to the bitter end.  Little did we know, as we fought through the 50+ mph, that MST actually took effect before the Nevada/Utah border, which caused us to lose a much needed hour of daylight earlier than expected.  As the team re-grouped to fight the vicious wind and steady climb back up to 5,000 feet together, the final 18 miles took us nearly 2 hours to complete, with Jim and Tom coming to shield us from heavy traffic as dusk quickly approached.  We descended into the town of West Wendover with extreme caution, holding on to our handle bars with a vice-like grip, as the incredible force of the cross winds nearly tossed us off of our bikes (causing Daniel and I to actually keep our feet off the pedals in case we lost our balance).  With our bodies tired, battered and beaten (almost), we arrived in the shining glitz and glimmer of West Wendover (yet another incredible contrast to the small quiet, Western towns we encountered over the past 400 miles) completely and utterly exhausted.  The team enjoyed a nice meal together (fortunately there was a 24 hour diner in our hotel) sharing stories from the past few days before passing out in our rooms ready to tackle one final century before a much needed off day in Salt Lake City.  With less than 2 miles to the border of Utah, we felt a huge degree of relief and satisfaction as we finally closed our eyes well after midnight.  Although the road ahead was not going to be easy, I was extremely proud of the entire team for their incredible effort and confident that we would make it to SLC – providing, of course, that the cross winds would subside and hopefully shift in the morning.  But, at least for a few hours, our aching bodies and minds would have the chance to recover with a few hours of slumber, ready to hit the road again for Day 17 knowing that we overcame everything Nevada could throw at us !!!  Victory was well-within our grasp !!!

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118, 104, 126.  We’ve covered 348 miles in just 3 days since Reno.  Have I pushed the team too hard (and far) ?  I knew that Nevada was going to be a challenge to cross in just 5 days, but was I overly ambitious in my goal to reach Salt Lake City that quickly?  I know that my body is hurting, but I can only imagine how the rest of the team feels.  As I ponder these thoughts while sitting at the keyboard this morning, trying to mentally prepare myself for yet another century today, I can’t help but think about how proud I am of the C2C4FSHD team.  Although we miss the departures of our teammates who left us after Stage 1 (Jesse, Anna, Maciej and Adie), we have been given a boost by the arrivals of Angelo and Jimmy, who have brought their own unique styles to the trip.  While Angelo has literally been thrown into the fire of attempting to bicycle for 5 straight 100+ mile days, he’s done quite well, attaining a new personal goal of 92 miles on our journey to Elko (including a 6,100 foot climb on Emigrant Pass), Jimmy has provided a big boost of relief to Tom as part of the support team, including a huge effort to get the team safely to Lovelock as darkness approached in the middle of the California Trail a few days ago.  Just watching him chase down photos of every Union Pacific train that passes brings a smile to our tired faces while we are pedaling feverishly through the state.

Stage 2 has been equally challenging and amazing all at the same time.  As the mileage totals have piled up, we have dealt with incredibly windy conditions that have practically brought us to a standstill (and required the van to literally shield us along a brutal stretch of Route 95 on Day 13) or have pushed us to near Tour de France type speeds of 40 miles per hour on while riding on I-80.  While the sheer desolation and isolation of the state can be deflating at times, the natural beauty of Nevada has been simply stunning.  We are surrounded by mountain ranges, followed by canyons and desert-like scenes that stretch for miles on end.

Each day has brought its share of contrasts.  On Day #13, we enjoyed the accomplishment of achieving the 1,000 mile plateau, but then quickly were crushed by vicious cross-winds heading north to Lovelock (after encountering a unpaved road to nowhere that forced us to add nearly 30 miles to our day.  We started Day #14 by backtracking to cover the mileage that we missed on our way to Lovelock, but quickly recovered that when we were blessed with a nearly 3 hour stretch of pure bliss, as the winds shifted and pushed us into Winnemucca.  Facing our largest mileage total on Day #15, we started the day with windbreakers and a cool temperatures, but finished with 2 huge mountain passes (Golconda Summit and Emigrant Pass) and extremely hot conditions (which forced me to go shirtless for a period of time).  Finally, when we had 25 miles to cover and were running out of daylight (and strength), we were fortunate to enjoy an unbelievably gorgeous finishing “home stretch” that included a 6 mile decent into a valley than concluded with a tense moment through a tunnel (my hands are still trembling), followed by 5 of us singing merrily along an unusually peaceful stretch of I-80 heading into Elko.

After spending two straight days sleeping in cramped quarters with bikes and luggage (and dinner) strewn across the floors in the Lovelock Inn and the Winnemucka Motel 6 (thanks again to Josie Healy for the donation), we were treated to a wonderful greeting in Elko from Michelle, who literally welcomed our tired and weary crew with open arms (and a delicious taco dinner) into her spacious home (yet another shout-out to Warm Showers).  With a much needed night of rest together, who knows what awaits the C2C4FSHD team as we attempt 2 more centuries (100 and 140) in our final push through Nevada into Utah.  The one thing I do know is that this special team will continue to fight and push undaunted and undeterred as we battle the wind and terrain in the hopes of raising awareness and funds for defeat FSHD.  With your help and continued support, we will check in with you again in Utah !!!


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WEEK #1 – Day 7 Recap

Day #7 – Highlights

After bidding farewell to Julie, the Executive Director and her staff (exchanging funny hats for helmets in the video), it was on to our most grueling day yet on the road.  While the total mileage was not particularly daunting, it was the prospect of a record setting 5,000 foot climb into the Cascades that loomed on our minds for most of the day.  Once out of Eugene, we cruised along a beautiful stretch of Route 58 (Willamette Highway), past the Lowell Covered Bridge as we sped along making our approach to Diamond Peak.  From there, the combination of heat and climbing eventually took its took on the team, claiming Adie and Anna at the 2,000 foot mark, Mariusz at the 3,000 foot mark and Maciej at the 4,000 foot mark.  As the remaining group slowly made their way to the top (except for Jesse, who seemed to be effortlessly making the climb), Tom was busy attempting to load people along the mountain.  We finally reached the summit at close to7:00 p.m. and after the celebratory photos/videos, it was back to business as we had nearly 30 miles left to cover with less than 2 hours of light (and Anna and Adie stranded at the bottom of the mountain).  As we sped along attempting to make the final approach to Crescent, we took time to enjoy the magnificent views of Diamond Peak and the Willamette River along the way.  From there we endured a brutal attack from thousands of blood thirsty mosquitos, which attacked us relentlessly and mercilessly along the final stretch to Crescent (including Maciej and Mariusz, who Tom left at the side of the road in order to clear room in the van to pick up Adie and Anna on the climb).  Fortunately, Adie and Anna hitched a ride from a good Samaritan along the way and we all reunited along the final, desolate 12 mile approach to Crescent.  As the last vestiges of daylight faded away, all the final six riders had were the hi-beams of the van to show the way, as Tom shielded us from any potential danger during the home stretch.  We finally reached our next hosts home at about 9:45 p.m., but not before I nearly wiped out on a gravel path.  Although we successfully reached the small town of Crescent, we were all truly beat up from the rigors of the day and were very pleasantly surprised to learn that Terri, our host, had allowed us to use her entire summer house for the evening !!!  Beds and hot showers for everyone – the perfect remedy after a long, arduous and painful day on the road.  I can only imagine what the good people at the Mohawk Restaurant thought as we stumbled into their establishment for dinner.

  • Total Mileage – 95
  • Weather Conditions – Sunny and warm the entire day
  • Finish Point – Crescent, Oregon
  • Rider Milestones – 5,000 foot climb into the Cascades
  • Rider Mishaps – Adie and Anna nearly getting stranded at the base of the climb
  • Top Sights – University of Oregon, Voodoo Donuts and Junkyard Burgers (Part 2), Lowell Covered Bridge and Dam, 5,000 foot climb to Diamond Peak.

Hosts – Terri and her husband were extremely generous, allowing the entire team to crash at their summer house.  Terri literally left us the keys and said “just lock the door when you leave”.  The house was amazing!!!

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WEEK #1 – Day 6 Recap

Day #6: Highlights

Armed and ready with a new, extremely friendly route, courtesy of Mark, which had us avoiding the rugged Route 99 most of the day, Kim once again led us out of town by bike.  However, taking full advantage of our relatively “light” 60 mile day, Kim took us on a cycling tour of the Oregon State University campus, which was incredibly beautiful.  We even had the chance to walk and take photos on the basketball court, which as you can imagine, was a particular treat for me.  From there, we bid a fond farewell to Kim and then made our way to another college town, moving from the Beavers to the Ducks.  Mark’s route was absolutely glorious as we not only enjoyed some traffic free country back-roads, but yet another gorgeous sunny, mid-70 degree day.  Although we dealt with some head and cross winds throughout the trek south into Duck country, we were able to proceed at a moderate pace, considering the short distance we needed to cover.  Aside from briefly losing Adie, who made a wrong turn near the town of Monroe, it was a fairly uneventful day in the saddle.  Fortunately, Adie’s “detour” caused us to rendezvous at another world-famous burger joint called Junkyard Burger.  Who could resist an Extreme Burger while burning up some serious calories on the road ???  We thoroughly attacked the culinary delight (which, I might add was probably one of the best burgers I have ever had) and took some fun videos and photos with the staff and owner.  From there, it was more bike paths right to the heart of downtown Eugene, right into the center of campus, where we arrived at our destination for the evening at the local YMCA.

  • Total Mileage – 60
  • Weather Conditions – More sunshine !!!
  • Finish Point – Eugene, Oregon
  • Rider Milestones – The entire team completed the day !!!
  • Rider Mishaps – Adie gets “Lost”, but “Found” at Junkyard Burger
  • Top Sights – Oregon State University, Junkyard Burger, Oregon University


Hosts – The Downtown Eugene Family Y

We camped out in their family room, enjoying another night together as a group.  Everyone had free reign of the facilities, enjoying the pool, spa, sauna, steam room and Jacuzzi.  These amenities provided a welcome relief after 3 straight days on the road.

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WEEK #1 – Day 5 Recap

Day #5 – Highlights

With our bike repaired and our bodies well rested, we once again mounted our wheels and made our way to Corvallis, the home of the Beavers.  Before departing, we rolled through downtown to visit the world reknown Voodoo Donuts, in the hopes of not only enjoying some of the most delectably delicious and exotic donuts ever created, but in reversing the bad fortunes we encountered on the road a few days earlier upon our arrival into Portland.  From there, we made great time to Corvallis, enjoying some terrific conditions once again (sun, cool breeze at our backs) as we covered the nearly 95 mile trek in just under 8 hours on the road.  Most of the day was spent on bike paths, as we discovered that the whole area of Portland/Corvallis/Eugene was extremely bike friendly.  After enjoying a relatively peaceful day on the road for the first 80 miles, we ran into a few late day mishaps, that included another flat (who else, but Michael) and our first crash, which was caused by a dropped water bottle (by me) as we sped along in a tight formation and caused Maciej to wipe out after hitting John’s bike while we all skidded to a stop to avoid the bouncing bottle.  Fortunately, aside from a few scrapes and bruises, Maciej was OK and we met our host Kim at the Corvallis city limits sign.  Kim led us on her bike to her house, where we met our 3 hosts for the evening (courtesy of Warm Showers again) and enjoyed an amazing BBQ and pasta feast cooked by her husband, Mark.  All in all, a great ending to another eventful day on the road.

  • Total Mileage – 95
  • Weather Conditions – Mostly sunny and low 70’s for most of the day.  Cloudy late.
  • Finish Point – Corvallis, Oregon
  • Rider Milestones – Mariusz completed his first full day on the bike without being loaded.
  • Rider Mishaps – Another flat by Michal + a tumble by Maciej
  • Top Sights – Downtown Portland + Voodoo Donuts

Hosts – Mark and Kim (along with 3 other families) were delightful and we exchanged some wonderful stories, including their amazing cross country bicycle journey (on a tandem, no less) from East to West back in 2015.  They even wrote a book chronicling their adventure.

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WEEK #1 – Day 3 and 4 Recap

Day #3 – Highlights

Aside from having our own cots and blankets to provide us with a good night’s rest, the one additional element that we all appreciated was the fact that we were all able to stay together for the first night since we arrived back in Seattle on 5/24. It afforded us a nice chance to bond together after an extremely long day on the road. As we slowly stirred from our slumber this morning and took a look out the window, we noticed what was affectionately termed the “Oregon Mist”, which seemed like a low-hanging fog that enveloped the entire seaside. After taking the obligatory photos, we bid a fond farewell to Jerry and Judy, who treated us like their children during our brief stay. Despite the gloomy start from a weather standpoint, we were extremely excited about the prospects of dipping our bikes into the Pacific Ocean upon our arrival in the quaint beach town of Seaside. Our timing couldn’t have been better, as we arrived at high noon and were treated to the start of a Memorial Day Parade led by bikers of a different sort, as a motorcycle group rumbled through the narrow streets of town. After taking a few photos in front of the famous Lewis and Clark statue symbolizing the “end of the line” of their journey to the Pacific, we eagerly made the long trek to the chilly ocean water (it was low tide) to officially christen our expedition to the eastern seaboard. We spent the better part of the next hour frolicking on the beach, alternately dipping our bikes for good luck and safe travels on our journey. Unfortunately, this revelry quickly disappeared as we started east to Portland, as we encountered some intense Memorial Day traffic along Route 26. This long stretch produced some tense moments and was followed by our first road mishaps as the choppy shoulder produced 3 flats (2 by Michal) and another derailer breakdown (for Maciej), which caused us to use all of our spare bikes (thanks Joanna and Caitlyn) to survive the day. We barely (and I mean barely) made it to the Portland city sign by sunset and limped into a gas station to meet up with our hosts. By the time we made it to our last host (shuttled by the van), it was close to midnight.

  • Total Mileage – 100
  • Weather Conditions – Oregon Mist early, warm and hot, with more sun late in the day
  • Finish Point – Portland, Oregon
  • Rider Milestones – Adie completed his first century
  • Rider Mishaps – 3 Flats and 1 busted derailer
  • Top Sights – Seaside Beach

Hosts – 5 families, spread throughout the suburbs of Portland. The Hertzburg family was our center of operations among our hosts and Judy and Bill were absolutely wonderful, especially considering that we arrived close to midnight and they had just returned from a Memorial Day weekend vacation.


Day #4 – Highlights – A much needed day off in Portland

While it was technically considered a day off (at least from riding), we had a large number of errands to attend to, most notable among them finding a bike shop to repair our wounded bikes (Jesse’s and Maciej’s) and a place to do laundry.  After an entertaining visit to the laundromat where we took photos with the owners and staff, it was off to do some shopping in the Nike Company Store in Beavertown (where you actually had to be on a list to gain entry, thanks to Chris).  We spend most of the day driving around all of Portland and finally finished our errands at 7:00 p.m.  Although the Nike Store was quite a treat, the real highlight of the day was the reception that the Hertzbergs hosted for us in the evening, where we met nearly 40 wonderful people, who came to meet us and share in our mission to provide awareness and raise funds for FSHD.  We took some great photos and even did a Facebook Live segment.  It was truly a special evening.


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WEEK #1 – Day 2 Recap


Day #2: Highlights

Another perfect start to the day, with sunny, warm conditions as we departed from the Capital and immediately embarked on a long series of steady climbs. We were treated to Mills joining us for about 25 miles and sharing some great tips with us along the way. Mills is my personal cycling hero as he powered his custom bike (built by Cory) effortlessly up every climb despite being over 60 years young ! About 6 hours into the ride, the weather changed dramatically as we approached the Pacific coast, as a fog rolled in an created cool and cloudy conditions for the rest of the day. The final approach was easily the most scenic, as we rode Route 101 along the coast, featuring a massive bridge which crossed the Columbia River from Washington into Astoria, Oregon. The climb at the end was quite intense, but we all managed to navigate it successfully. We rolled into town at around 9:15 p.m.

  • Total Mileage – 120
  • Weather Conditions – Abundant sunshine early, cloudy + fog late in the day
  • Finish Point – Astoria, Oregon
  • Rider Milestones – First Centuries for Maciej and Michal
  • Rider Mishaps – Jesse’s derailer exploding after bridge
  • Top Sights – The Capitol Building in Olympia, Lunch at the logging town of Raymond, Bridge to Astoria (long and huge climb at the end)

Hosts – Jerry from the local Knights of Columbus and Judy from First Methodist Church
Jerry and Judy were delightful hosts, allowing us to stay on cots in the Church. We had a great meal of chicken and beans for dinner, followed by a nice continental breakfast to get us rolling in the morning. Jerry provided us with an array of classic jokes and Judy even wanted to join us in the van for the rest of our trip. As a bonus, Jerry was able to secure some newspaper coverage for us through the local weekly paper.


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WEEK #1 – Day 1 Recap

As I sit here at a table in Antonio’s Italian Restaurant in tiny Alturas, California – “Where The West Still Lives” – watching my teammates sleep soundly and peacefully on the floor (which is quite comfortable, I might add), I can’t help but reflect on what’s been an utterly amazing experience so far…and we have only completed 9 out of 52 days on our cross country journey! The one common denominator throughout the past 10 days has been the unbelievable generosity, kindness and warmth that the good people of the Pacific Northwest have displayed towards our bicycling team. Just when we have been overwhelmed with the generosity of one host in a particular city (regardless of large or small), it seems as if the next day is even better. Not only have we been blessed with almost perfect riding conditions (70’s and sunny), but have had the good fortune to have met some of the most caring and wonderful people I have ever come across in my travels.

I also want to point out how proud I am of my team – not only have they been amazing ambassadors for the cause in spreading the word and raising awareness for FSHD, but I have watched them battle, fight and struggle to stay pedaling on their bikes at almost all cost, often times pushing their bodies to the limit. We have covered an astounding 750 miles in 8 days of riding!!! As we approach the 6th consecutive day in a row of being on the bike, I am constantly impressed by their willingness to go that extra mile on behalf of the cause. While we are still struggling to find our rhythm at times, I can see the confidence growing each and every day (although Javy and Maciej’s singing could use some work). I’m sure they are tired and exhausted (especially after sleeping on the floor the past few nights), but you would never know it from the spirit and energy that they continue to show while they are out on the road.

DAY #1: Highlights

A near perfect day, with temps in the low 80’s and abundant sunshine throughout as we launched our 4,200 mile trek from the Space Needle. The Friends for FSH Research and Chris Carrino gave us a rousing send-off, capped off with Maciej catching a perfect punt from Terry Collela minutes before our departure. We even were featured on the evening news, as a reporter from Channel 13 covered the festivities.

  • Total Mileage – 83
  • Weather Conditions – Ideal, low 80’s and sunny for most of the day. Very little wind.
  • Finish Point – Olympia (Capital)
  • Rider Milestones –
  • Rider Mishaps –
  • Top Sights – Perfect View of Mt. Rainier for most of the day.

Hosts – Three Families discovered on Warm Showers, Tim/Corey/Mills & Sheila.
We all were treated to pizza at Mills’ house on the Puget Sound and ate over a nice warm camp fire by the water. Mike even braved the cold water to jump in and took a quick dip as the sun set. We can’t overlook the delicious homemade scones we had for breakfast the next morning.